November 19, 2005

Prostitution ... it's great.

The Devil's Kitchen is talking about Prostitution. arguing against Tiny Judas who says
in Prostitution it is women who are sold and men who buy
To which he replies
No, in consensual prostitution, the women sell themselves, not "are sold". Yes, men are generally the buyers, that is true.
I have to disagree with that however as it would be more accurate to simply say they sell sex. They no more sell themselves than I do by providing services (of a less fun kind) to my boss in exchange for a salary.

That is not to say that people are not bough as slaves to be used as prostitutes. However where this service industry legal and regulated that could be stopped very easily, as it would no longer be worth the risk. So in fact it is the people that are against legalization that are arguing, indirectly, for women being sold for sex.


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